April 7th: What Will You Choose?

Do not just look “out” to who you can go help, look around to see if there is someone God has put close to you that you can add value to today.

Have you ever thought about how significant movements, choices and actions are to our culture? We have entire television stations, tremendous websites & apps, reporters and writers – all focused on tracking people’s movements, choices and actions. From sports to celebrities to musicians and politicians, everyone is looking at their actions to analyze and judge. This season I find myself doing the same with Jesus on the Thursday night He was taken to be crucified.

Jesus tells the disciples in Luke 22:15 how He was “..eager to have this meal with them..” and His movements and choices undoubtedly show us why. It was at this dinner Jesus would teach communion, and it was at this dinner Jesus makes a choice that should challenge us all…the choice to wash the disciples feet.

To give context, during this day and time they were not catching Ubers, or Lyfts, or riding in their pick-up truck. No, they were mostly walking…everywhere. They also typically wore sandals, so through the travels their feet were usually covered in dirt and filth from the roads and paths. When they would enter into a home or room for a meal the host would have a servant at the door with a basin to wash feet. But this night, it was not so…

Everyone entered the room but no one took care of the need of washing feet, and instead just went to the table – they just went on with what they were doing. But not Jesus. Jesus gets up and washes everyone’s feet. This is kind of absurd! Jesus did not need to do this! He had His assignment and He had His purpose. But Jesus responded to the need.

Then He tells them in verse 15 of John chapter 13, “I have given you an example to follow..”

What a move by Jesus! What a choice! To stop what He was doing and respond to what was in need and filthy around Him. It certainly leaves us with a choice, when we see a need that is out of place, dirty and broken…what will we choose?

These final actions of Jesus on Holy Thursday challenge us still to this day, what will we do with the need around us? As followers of Jesus we know what He has given us an example to do, but what will we do and honestly, where do we start?! I want to encourage you with this today…

Jesus started with those in the room with Him; He started with those around Him. Do not just look out to who you can go help, look around to see if there is someone God has put close to you that you can add value to today. God had Jesus around these disciples for a reason, to serve them so they would excel in their next. Guess what, God has people around you that you can serve and add value to where it sets them up to excel in their next.

I don’t know this to be fact, but I would imagine in that day when the feet were washed they could enjoy life a little more. They could go a little further in their travels and their next steps were a little easier. If it happened then, what could you serving someone around you do for them in their journey called life right now? So, what will you choose?

*written by Trevor Hersey

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