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That Five Letter Word

There are not a lot of words in the English language that can invoke the same level of excitement and dread as this 5 letter word can. When we have a lot of it we’re excited, when we have just enough of it we’re content, and when we don’t have any of it we’re afraid.


There, I said it.

Let’s be very clear, I am not one of those people that enjoy talking about the M word. I don’t bring it up in casual conversation and I can’t maintain a flowing narrative about it.  Now, all that being said I DO have a respect and an appreciation for every stage money has to offer. My family has faced financial hardships in the past. We have found contentment with having just enough and with having more than enough. We have gone through seasons where we needed financial help FROM others and seasons where we could be the financial help TO others.

So, yes I understand the ins and outs of money. Still doesn’t mean I enjoy conversing about it or writing about it.

But here we are, so let’s get into the weeds a bit shall we?

There’s an old saying that a lot of people use out of context when speaking on the subject of money. And I’d be willing to bet you might’ve even used it before;

“Money is the root of all evil”.

Sounds familiar huh? We often use this saying to justify a financial hurt, loss, or misuse. It fits the narrative that some may feel about money when they see others thriving financially and they’re striving to survive. But in actuality this saying is taken straight from scripture in 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil..”

Did you catch that? The love of money, not money itself, is the root of all kinds of evil.

It’s also really important to understand the context behind this particular piece of scripture. 1 Timothy is a personal letter from Paul to Timothy full of guidance on how to lead and love the church. Timothy was a young church leader with a strong foundation in the faith passed down to him from his mother and grandmother. Paul offered him Godly counsel and a fatherly love all throughout his letter, including the famous line on money. Paul was laying a foundation of stewardship that would be communicated through Timothy to his church, that his church would then spread to their families and that those families would teach through the generations.

We must teach the next generation to trust in the lack as they trust in the gain. We must show them how to sow so they know what it means to reap. We must practice good stewardship in front of them so they have those skills to pass down to the generation that comes behind them. We must affirm them the same way Paul affirmed Timothy. What does that look like in today’s world?

 “It’s ok to have money and it’s ok to spend money. But when that love for money becomes more than your love for God, THAT is when evil takes root”.

“When you start chasing money more than you’re chasing God, THAT is when evil takes root”.

“When you find your identity in your bank account and not in Christ, THAT is when evil takes root”.

Money may be a sore subject in your household or, maybe it’s not. Wherever you find yourself on the subject the absolute truth is found in Christ and faithful stewardship is a way we honor what Jesus did for us. It’s up to us to lay the foundation that the generation behind us will build on.

And yes, that includes money.

Christ in Your Home Christian living family Handling Life's Problems


“I hate you”!

I hear my 9 year old (at the time) daughter scream, followed by the familiar sound of a slamming door. I sunk to the floor in the living room and could feel my heart break into a thousand pieces. I thought I had at least until she was 16 to hear those dreaded words! I felt angry, hurt, disappointed, and sad. My 9 year old managed to inflict all that on me with a three word sentenced. She had offended me.

I picked my momma broken heart off the floor, pulled myself together the best I could, and entered the lions den (i:e, my daughter’s bedroom..)

Before I finish that story, let me give you some context before you have time to assume. See, what you don’t know is at the time of that dreaded “I hate you”, we had just made our second big move in 3 years, she was starting a new school in a new state, and her dad and I were living separately. Perfect ingredients for a little kid to feel some big emotions.

I scooped her up, held her close, looked her in the eyes and said,  “You don’t hate me. You’re just hurting”. She nodded yes in agreement.

Now, make no mistake after the tears subsided and we were both calm we had the conversation about how we don’t say things like that to ANYONE no matter how mad or sad we are.

What was happening in my young daughters heart came flying out of her mouth. Her hurt and her pain all came flying out at her intended target, me, hitting its mark perfectly.

“…what you say flows from what is in your heart”

Luke 6:45 NLT

So often it’s the ones closest to us that can hurt us the most. They know what buttons to push, what triggers to pull, and what wounds to bother. So how do we navigate our household, our family life, or any relationship without constantly being offended? Two really practical things:

#1) Realize you are not invincible. Give yourself grace. You will experience pain. You will be hurt. You will be disappointed. You will get angry.  Allow yourself to feel those emotions but don’t unpack your entire life and live there.

“Love overlooks the mistakes of others, but dwelling on the failures of others devastates friendships” Proverbs 17:9

(replace friendship with marriage or relationship if you need to!)

#2) Get to really know the people you do life with. That includes your spouse, your significant other, your friends, your co workers, your kids. Once you know someone’s story, once you know what makes them respond and react the way they do you’re less likely to live offended. Does this take work? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Once you know what is in a person’s heart you’re able to look past the hurtful words and still offer them grace.

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses”

Proverbs 10:12

If I didn’t know what was in my daughters heart when she threw those words at me I wouldn’t have been able to overlook them and love her the way she needed me to in that moment. Really seeing past peoples hurt and seeing them for who they truly are is a lot like how God sees us. He sees past our greatest flaws and weaknesses. He sees past our greatest sins. He sees  past our most serious offenses. And if the goal is to be more Christ like everyday, I think the best choice we can make is to start seeing people (yes, even those in your own family that are the hardest to love sometimes..) as Jesus sees them.

Because not everyone wants to be seen by everyone but, everyone needs at least someone to see them.

Christ in Your Home Christian living family God our Father Handling Life's Problems

You Look Like You Could Use a Drink

Stressed out? You need a drink.

Disappointed? You need a drink.

Unfulfilled? You need a drink.

No, I’m not talking about the drinks that come by way of a neon sign and a frosty glass. Not a pretty colored drink with a tiny umbrella either.

The drink I’m talking about is much stronger.

In a really familiar story from the gospel of John we see Jesus having a conversation at a well with a Samaritan woman. (It’s important to note that at this particular time, the Jews and the Samaritans were hostile towards each other’s cultural and religious practices. So this interaction between Jesus and this woman is a huge deal!)

Jesus and the Samaritan woman have a casual conversation about needing a drink of water from the well. Jesus tells her if she knew who he really was she would be asking HIM for a drink! The absurdity right??

Jesus says in John 4:13-14

“If you drink from Jacob’s well, you’ll be thirsty again, but if anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never be thirsty again. For when you drink the water I give you, it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, flooding you with endless life!” 

Imagine never thirsting again? Imagine the freedom that comes with that? Imagine living in such a way that no matter what your circumstance or situation you are satisfied.

It’s possible friend.

The reason we live stressed out, disappointed, and unfulfilled is simply because we search for our thirst to be quenched in unsustainable sources.

Your spouse isn’t a sustainable source. But wait, isn’t it my husband’s or  my wife’s job to make me happy? Nope. Marriage is meant to make you holy, not happy. It’s meant to be treated as a covenant not a cup.

Your kids can’t be where your fulfillment comes from either. And all the parents say “But my kids are my life”! Well..they’re not meant to be! Making your kids the well you draw from isn’t fair or attainable for them. Kids (yes, those perfect little angels..) will unintentionally disappoint you at some point in life.

Your relationships (dating, friendships) are not meant to keep you going either. People are messy! People aren’t perfect! Relationships are complicated. They can be on track one day, and a complete rollercoaster the next day. Trying to pull from that well will always lead to hurt.

Jesus offered the Samaritan woman a drink from a never-ending supply of goodness and grace. A sustainable source that when consumed becomes a flood of abundant life. And her response is yes.


Because she was tired of being stressed out, disappointed, and unfulfilled by the other sources she was trying to draw from.

“The woman replied, “Let me drink that water so I’ll never be thirsty again and won’t have to come back here to draw water” John 4:15

Quit going back to what hurt you over and over again. Quit putting pressure on those closest to you. Quit searching for that quick, easy fix. Quit running back to that well that will run dry.

Instead, respond to Jesus with a ,“Yes, I want what you offer Lord”. Let me find my fulfillment in you”.

Jesus is waiting to meet you at that dry well you’re at. He’s waiting there with a drink that will overflow with peace, mercy, love, and kindness. A drink that will never, ever run dry.

Christ in Your Home Christian living God our Father Handling Life's Problems

I Am Your Father

If you read that title in your best Darth Vader voice, you are my kind of people. We are HUGE Star Wars fans in our household and every summer we re-watch the trilogies for family movie night. One of the most iconic moments in the whole saga is when the evil Darth Vader reveals that he is indeed Jedi in training Luke Skywalker’s father. Luke’s entire sense of self comes crashing down and he’s left with more questions than answers about who he really is.

In response, Luke lets out a perfect cinematic scream of “NOOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s impossible”! Talk about some family drama? If you know anything about Star Wars you know this Skywalker family has got some MAJOR issues that stretches across decades and many generations.

(If I just happened to ruin this entire movie series for you, my deepest most sincere apologies but it’s for a good reason I promise! Hang with me!)

As we enter into our May series that is all about families, I can’t help but think of all the times I have let out my own yell of “NOOOOOO” and “That’s impossible”, at the expense of my own family issues. Anyone else been there?

Family, no matter what it looks like, is difficult to navigate. Things are always changing, always shifting. What was ok yesterday is not ok today. What we said last week doesn’t mean anything this week. What worked last month isn’t making any difference this month. It can feel like an intense game of tug of war where one minute you’re pulling that rope with ease and the next your face first in the mud with no idea how you even got there.

Here’s the really good news though.

God doesn’t change.

His ways are solid. His ways are steady. His ways are trustworthy.

David asks God this exact thing when he says:

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground”. Psalm 143:10 NIV

No matter if you’re single, engaged, married, divorced, widowed. No matter if you’re a whole family, a step-family, a blended family. Whether you have one child, 10 children, no children. Whether you have been married for less than a year or married for 20 plus years…God wants your household built on the solid foundation of Christ. All other ways are unstable and fleeting.

See, you may change. Your family may change. Your ideas of family may change. But God has never changed.

The God that brought Ruth to Boaz is the same today. (Ruth 4:13-16)

The God that gave Sarah a baby is the same today. (Genesis 21:1-3)

The God that brought redemption to Joseph’s family is the same today. (Genesis 45:1-28)

The God that brought the prodigal son home is the same today. (Luke 15:11-24)

The God that restored Gomer to Hosea is the same today. (Hosea 3:1-5)

The God that transformed Saul to Paul is the same today. (Acts 9:1-19)

The God that forgave the adulterous woman is the same today. (John 8: 1-11)

God is at work telling a story of restoration, redemption, and miracles through your family. No matter what that family may look like in your current phase of life. Don’t buy into the lie that you need to have it all together or be the “right kind of family” for God to use it. Instead choose to believe that Gods foundation is steady, safe, and secure. Choose to believe that He is for you and your family. That his ways are better than yours. That everything else you may try and build your life on is sinking sand.

God is saying to you today, that you matter to him. That you are his precious child. That he cares deeply for you. He longs for a relationship with you.

How do I know that?

Because God also said, “I am your Father”.

And He’s really good at being a Father to you and your whole family.