The Power of Words

This Mountain

“I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen…” (Mark 11:23)

The highest mountains in the continental U.S. are in the Rocky Mountains. Mount Elbert has the honor of being the highest peak in the Rockies, towering a lofty 14,440 feet above sea level. It’s a mammoth mountain. Climbing it is a challenge. The idea of moving it seems ridiculous.

In Mark 11, Jesus is hungry. He sees a fig tree and wants to pick some figs to eat but finds no fruit, only leaves. Jesus speaks to the tree: “May no one ever eat your fruit again.” The next day, the disciples see the fig tree is dying from the roots up. The disciples are shocked.

Jesus then tells the disciples that if they have faith, they can not only speak to a fig tree and it obeys, they can actually speak to a big old mountain and it will move.

It’s not that Jesus wants us to head out to the Rockies and send a few mountains into the ocean. Yes, God is powerful enough to do that. But the truth is, the mountains we all face in our lives cause us much more trouble—things so huge they seem impossible to climb, dig our way through, or move. Things like a serious medical diagnosis, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one. Mountains that spring up to block our way. Huge obstacles we think we can’t handle.

Jesus gave us instructions about what to do with a mountain because he knew we would face them. Jesus didn’t tell us to wave at the mountain. Or think about the mountain. Or cower in fear at the base of the mountain. Jesus instructed us to speak to the mountain. Our words, spoken in faith, can move the mountains in our path. It can also move our path away from the mountain.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree. David spoke to Goliath. Peter spoke to the scoffers on the day of Pentecost. It is God’s great pleasure to act in response to words of faith spoken by his children.

What mountain is blocking your path today? Whatever it is, know that your God is mightier than your mountain, your faith is stronger than your struggle, and your promises are more powerful than your problems. Speak words of faith into your situation. Speak words of life into your children and grandchildren. Speak God’s promises to your mountain…and watch it move.

Dear God, I understand the importance of the words I speak. When I face a mountain in my life, help me speak words of faith. I don’t want to fear the mountains I face; I want to trust the God I serve. Lord, help me reach out to others facing difficult seasons and speak faith and comfort into their lives. I know it is by your design that our words matter. With your help, I want to use my words in a way that brings victory in my life and glory to your name. In Jesus’s name, amen.